Marquette CVB Head Protests Gas Prices

Many of us are about to hit the road for the 4th of July weekend if we haven’t already.

And perhaps in anticipation of that, gas prices have jumped in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, a gallon of regular gas in the Marquette area cost a little more than $3.50.

By late this morning, it was $3.79 at many gas stations.

The head of the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau is very upset about that.

Pat Black says she sent the Michigan Attorney General an e-mail just this morning in protest.

She says prices in Sagola in northern Dickinson County are sitting at $3.49, and she says the only reason she can imagine why they would be 30 cents higher in Marquette is what she calls a desire on the part of oil companies to soak travelers.

She also e–mailed the AG’s office several weeks ago about it.

Some stations had prices much lower than $3.79 today, with some in downtown Marquette still showing prices under $3.60.

She encourages travelers, and residents, to seek them out.

Black says there are various apps available for mobile phones that track gas prices in whatever area you happen to be and which automatically update themselves as you drive.

She says they can be a big help in planning any kind of car trip.