Intern In Michigan Expands to the U.P.

A downstate online effort to make it easier for college students to get experience in the workplace has expanded to the U.P.

The Greater Detroit Area Chamber of Commerce created an internship website recently — Intern In Michigan.

It’s mainly involved with the southernmost part of the state.

That’s where you’re most likely to find large employers who have 25 or more interns at any one time.

LSCP community development director Kahlea Berry says since the U.P. isn’t like that, the local companies that will appear there will be smaller ones.

No U.P. communities are listed on its main page as having any opportunities, but it does have internships listed in the U.P.

A recent NMU grad who’s also a former intern here with us at ABC 10 is glad for that.

Dan Gualdoni says the experience helped him a great deal.

Intern In Michigan is almost like an online dating site.

Students and employers alike can create their own individual profiles, which are then automatically matched for compatibility.

You can visit it here.