Marquette Beaches Open

The temperatures today certainly aren’t the best for beach–going.

But Marquette’s city beaches officially opened for the season this afternoon.

And with the temps around 90 degrees that we saw just two days ago, plenty of people have already taken a dip.

With that in mind, the City of Marquette wants to remind everyone that there are some changes on the shoreline this year.

The Picnic Rocks area has 3 measures in place to indicate that the water is off limits this season.

One is a series of signs placed on the beach.

The second is the flag warning system, which will be left at double–red all summer.

City Community Services director Karl Zueger says the third is the series of buoys that police, the fire department and others placed in the water a few days ago.

The Waterfront Safety Task Force recommended expanding the swimming area at McCarty’s Cove.

City officials agreed.

Buoys in the water there indicate the new limits of the area watched by lifeguards, extending farther toward Picnic Rocks than in the past.

Lifeguards at McCarty’s Cove and South Beach are on duty every day from noon until 8, through Labor Day, weather permitting.

A Marquette City Police park patrol officer will also be roving around.