Waterfront Safety In Advance of Beach Openings

The 2010 tragedy of multiple drownings in lake superior near Marquette was the driving force behind the city’s Waterfront Safety Task Force.

And the major effort to make the Marquette area beaches safer is getting statewide attention.

The city of Marquette has received the Michigan Municipal League “Race for the Cup” honor at the group’s regional summit in Houghton.

The league recognizes innovative solutions to challenges at the local level that can be also adapted by other cities and towns to meet similar challenges.

Marquette’s waterfront safety initiative was put into play today as the fire and police departments installed buoys and signs at areas not safe for swimming, including Picnic Rocks.

Marquette has passed a new ordinance that allows for the police and patrols to ticket those who don’t abide by the new rules.

The police would much rather see people being safe than having to ticket them.

South Beach and the McCarty’s Cove beach open for the summer season on Friday.

Lifeguards will be at those locations from noon until 8pm.