Early Presidential Candidate Visit to the U.P.

We still have nearly a year and a half to go until the next Presidential election.

But an unheralded Republican candidate wants to get a head start.

John Davis is a home builder from Grand Junction, Colorado.

He has never held elected office, but he doesn’t want that to stop him from running for President.

He carries a symbol with him of not only his profession, but of what he wants to do.

It’s a large wrench, painted with a red, white and blue design similar to the U.S. flag.

Davis says he carries it as a reminder that he intends to fix Washington by clamping down on overspending and big government.

Davis is trying to visit every county in the U.S. before November 2012.

He visited Escanaba and Menominee last night and the eastern U.P. this morning, followed by Munising and Wahlstrom’s Restaurant in Harvey this afternoon.

Davis says in his opinion, the country needs a balanced-budget amendment, saying the federal government needs to do what his business and most families do — not spend any more than what it takes in.

After a brief visit, Davis had to roll back out onto US-41 for more travel.

He headed south to Iron Mountain for another stop there tonight.

And he’ll make his way through northern Wisconsin tomorrow morning.