Marquette County Re-Draws Board Districts

Every 10 years, Michigan counties have to re–draw their county board district lines.

And Marquette County’s changes for the next decade have been put in place today.

The Marquette County Apportionment Commission voted to approve a change from 9 commissioners on the county board to 6.

One of the districts has 3 current commissioners living in it — Chuck Bergdahl, Bill Nordeen and Debbie Pellow.

Two of the other 5 districts also have a pair of current commissioners among their residents.

Two districts have one commissioner within their borders, and one district — District 6, which will be Marquette City precinct 2, Chocolay Township and Sands Township — doesn’t have any commissioners living in it.

The upshot of all this is that once the changes take effect for the fall 2012 county board election, at least 4 of the 9 incumbent commissioners will no longer be on the county board.