ABC 10 Mother’s Day Contest winner!

Congratulations to Ann Holmes for winning the ABC 10 Mother’s Day Contest! Submitted by John LaPine. Here’s his entry:

Top ten reasons why Ann Holmes is the number-one greatest mother of all

time, ever:

1. Ann Holmes knows the whereabouts of both Waldo AND Carmen Sandiego.

2. Ann Holmes bested IBM’s Watson at Jeopardy. And she had a

malfunctioning buzzer.

3. The reaper fears Ann Holmes.

4. Once, Ann Holmes wrestled a tyrannosaurus. Why else would dinosaurs

leave Earth? No, they didn’t go extinct—she scared them off our turf.

You’re welcome.

5. Ann Holmes can eat one Lay’s potato chip. Yes—just one.

6. Ann Holmes is known as the “Coffee Ninja” in South American folklore.

To this day, Colombian children still check under their beds for “la ninja

de café” before turning out the lights.

7. Ann Holmes knows what happens when an unstoppable force meets an

unmovable object. No, she can’t tell you—she wouldn’t want to blow your


8. Ann Holmes puts up with my father.

9. Ann Holmes beat Chuck Norris in a roundhouse kick contest—with two legs

tied behind her back.

10. Okay, Ann Holmes might not have done any of the extraordinary things

above, but she IS the sweetest, kindest, most generous, hard-working,

strongest, funniest, smartest, most caring, capable, wonderful person that

I know. And that’s no lie.