NMU, MTU & Finlandia Commencements

Nearly 2,000 college students are getting ready to walk on stage and graduate.

Both Michigan Tech and NMU have their spring commencement tomorrow morning.

Both commencements will start at 10:30 in the morning.

And both schools will have webcasts of their respective ceremonies available through their websites.

NMU students were in the dome this afternoon for a walk–through.

This will be Northern’s largest commencement ceremony ever.

Nearly 850 graduates are participating.

It could take 3 hours or more for each of them to appear on stage, shake Dr. Les Wong’s hand and collect their diploma cover.

Michigan Tech will have nearly a thousand graduates receiving their degrees tomorrow.

Their ceremony in the SDC Ice Arena is expected to last about 2 hours.

Michigan Tech’s speaker will be former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine.

NMU’s is Dr. Mark Lovell, a sports concussion specialist with the Center for Sports Medicine in Pittsburgh who also happens to be an NMU grad.

He was also in Marquette today for NMU’s and Marquette General’s first-ever U.P. Sports Concussion Summit, where he was the keynote speaker.

Finlandia University has its commencement at 2pm Sunday in the Paavo Nurmi Gym.

They have 122 graduates ready to receive their degrees.