USOEC Athletes Clean Up Lakeshore

Marquette is just about ready for its annual volunteer Spring Cleanup, and some of the community’s younger residents are chipping in and helping.

The Beautification Committee partners with the U.S. Olympic Education Center to clean up part of Lakeshore Boulevard, near the water and the Superior Dome.

U–s–o–e–c athletes were out picking up trash after getting done with finals for the year earlier in the day.

Wrestler Paul Tellgren says in some ways Marquette reminds him of his hometown in Minnesota, and he thought it was a good way to give back to a community that’s given a great deal to him and his teammates.

Weightlifter Chris Lenahen says Coach Andy Tysz told him about it and he wanted to do something to help keep the city clean and presentable.

The cleanup used to involve 600 bags of trash a year, but it’s now only 300 because there’s less trash to pick up.

Still, the student athletes found plenty, especially large pieces of metal that looked as if they’d been broken off of cars.

Lutey’s Heritage Motors, the Marquette McDonald’s restaurant and the City of Marquette itself are all sponsors of the Spring Cleanup effort around the city each year.