Fisheries & Wildlife Management at NMU

NMU’s Board of Trustees gives its approval for a new major in the Biology Department.

It’s sure to attract those who love being outdoors in the U.P.

Fisheries and Wildlife Management is a new major soon to be offered to NMU students.

And the head of the Biology Department says there is already a high demand for this type of degree at Northern.

Dr. Pat Brown says there are some students in other biology programs at Northern who would rather be in a program like this one instead.

The Bachelors Degree program will give NMU graduates a competitive edge once they enter the job market.

It’ll serve students who are specifically interested in agency roles and private corporations.

Dr. Brown says graduates will be able to work in those roles right out of the gate if they want to.

The Board of Trustees meeting continues tomorrow, and we’ll have more about what goes on coming up tomorrow night at 5:30, 10 and 11.