Disney Institute Coaching U.P. Businesses

A group of professionals from the self-proclaimed ‘happiest place on earth’ is visiting the U.P. to help local companies develop new ways of doing business.

The Disney Institute is a business think tank that travels the country to teach Disney’s core corporate values.

The company calls the concept ‘D–Think’.

And the institute wants to let U.P. companies use the ideas that go into that to help themselves.

The eLoft of Marquette is organizing the day-long seminar.

Dar Shepherd of the eLoft says customer service will be the main element that the Disney Institute will address.

The idea is that easy, effective solutions are usually close at hand for business issues.

The seminar takes place at the Marquette Ramada Inn tomorrow.

But if you’re not already registered, you’re out of luck.

Shepherd says all the seats have been full for quite some time.