‘W’ Property Removal

More information about the ‘W’ — the former West Branch Community Center — and the removal of some of the contents to be sold separately.

West Branch Township says there’s nothing in Michigan law preventing them from doing this.

The township supervisor says the wrestling mats and extra diving boards were removed from the ‘W’ during the day on Tuesday.

He told the Marquette County Board about it that night.

Jack Heidtman feels the time to talk about selling the ‘w’ to the county has come and gone.

He says it’s more important at this stage to prepare the facility and its contents for sale at auction.

Heidtman says after some conversation with County Board members prior to their meeting Tuesday, he felt fairly certain which way the vote on the ‘W’ sale would go.

Lisa Johnson of the nonprofit Community Hand–UP scolded the Township Board for what she called an obstructionist attitude.

She feels the board has given up on the ‘W’, but she says she and the group won’t do that.

She and Community Hand-UP are evaluating what other possible sources of funding may be out there, and she has said they may have no choice but to try to buy it at the auction on May 21st.

Johnson says she was under the impression that the removed items, as municipal property, would have to go out for bids like the rest of the ‘W’.

Marquette County Commissioner Mike Quayle asked the Township Board if it would now rather see the ‘W’ sold as is and re–used, or torn down.

The board members refused to address his question, saying he had not been on the agenda.