AT&T 3G Wireless Network

If you use one of the major cell phone and wireless data providers, you may have noticed a change in your service overnight.

AT&T has improved its mobile broadband network in the Marquette area recently.

The improvements upgraded the network to a 3G signal, and they brought it online last night.

The Marquette AT&T store has been busy all day with customers.

U.P. area sales manager Tom Rae says the customers on the floor he spoke with today say they’re glad to have 3G service, whether they’ve been business owners, students or other residents.

The company says demand for wireless bandwidth is growing quickly.

A 3G signal allows AT&T customers to do things with a smartphone that weren’t possible on the network before.

Rae says you can text or send email while you’re in the middle of a phone call, no matter which model of smartphone you have.

AT&T says it’s the only network that allows simultaneous use of voice and data.