“The Frontier Boys” Premiere

If someone is telling you about a movie that’s considered a Western, you immediately have an understanding of how the film will look and feel.

A Michigan filmmaker wants the same response to what he’s calling a ‘Northern’.

The director of “The Frontier Boys” has created exactly that.

The film opened today at select theaters, including in Marquette.

It’s a story about four high school boys, basketball, friendship and some real-life issues.

The film takes place in Charlevoix and was actually shot in the Charlevoix area.

Director John Grooter says that he has an aunt and uncle who live in the Marquette area and that he visited the U.P. often as a child.

He says that he’s a big NMU Wildcats hockey fan and that he’s performed in town with his band.

Grooter says he’s enjoyed the scenery and wanted to keep that everyday-life quality in his film.

“The Frontier Boys” is playing for a limited time at the Carmike 10 Theaters in Marquette.

It’s rated PG–13.