NMU Football is Looking for Sponsors for Lift-A-Thon

MARQUETTE, Mich. – The Northern Michigan University football team will
hold its annual fundraiser during the spring season. This year’s event
will be a Lift-A-Thon. Each player has a goal weight and is looking for
people to sponsor flat pledges and donations based on weight lifted.

“The players are excited to show their strength and gains from the
offseason program,” head coach Bernie Anderson said. “The event is
financially driven but it’s motivated by the players and their ability to
get out and contact a group of people and get sponsorships. Our program
needs the support of the community in tough financial times.”

The community can get involved by getting in contact with a member of the football team or showing up to the event the day before the Spring Game on Friday, April 15 at 7 p.m. in Vandament Arena.

“The community can look for players around the Marquette area on Saturday, April 9. We will be looking for donations from $1 to $10 or whatever you can give. People can also show up to Vandament Arena and fill out forms to support the players. It will be a fun event. You will get an opportunity to see the players do some behind the scenes work that is instrumental in the game of football,” Anderson added.

Admission is free to the Lift-A-Thon and everyone is encouraged to attend
and support the Wildcat football team.