Online Fund-Raiser for Marquette County’s “W”

There still may be hope for re–opening the ‘W’ at Sawyer. While the facility has had a rocky past, it’s future is now in the hands of a group called ‘Community Hands-Up”

Organizers say they want to buy the facility from West BranchTownship and are working with local officials to make that happen.

The group is also developing a recreation authority to involve local municipalities.

and, the fund raising efforts are going online with the ‘W’ part of the Reader’s Digest online competition.

Lisa Johnson is part of Community Hands-Ups, a community-focused non-profit group looking to get the “W” up and running, ” Please cast your votes – up to 10 per day EVERY DAY. We are about two weeks late on this so have to really get moving. Spread the word and send several reminders avery day to all of your contacts through facebook, email, twitter, whatever you use.”

Johnson says you can vote for ‘cheers’ to support the “W” through the following website:

Voting on the website is free.