Ice Cream Heralds Spring Return

Little by little, Mother Nature is sending signs our way that spring is here — or that it’s at least close.

One of them is the return of a comfort food fixture in downtown Marquette.

Frosty Treats is open again for the season.

And this afternoon, plenty of people stopped by to take advantage of that.

Jeremy Misale co–owns the Discovery Central Early Childhood Learning Center in Marquette.

But today he had his nephew with him instead of students.

Frosty Treats is on North Third Street.

It’s a frequent stop for NMU and Marquette Senior High School students once they’re out of class.

It usually opens for the year on the third Monday in March.

You could say the customers heading to Frosty Treats on a day like this are die–hards.

Even with temps in the low 50s this afternoon, many of us may be waiting for more of a warmup before indulging in a cool treat.