Ironwood Drug Bust

A drug bust in the western U.P. nets 4 arrests, and more may be to come.

Three of the 4 suspects have been arraigned.

Charges are still pending against the 4th person.

Geoffrey Weylin Evans was charged with possession of marijuana and possesion of schedule-2 narcotics.

Chaz Michael Havenor was charged with possession of brass knuckles and minor in possession.

And Forest Conover Evans was charged with possession of marijuana.

All three are scheduled for preliminary exams march 28th.

They’re all being held in the Gogebic County Jail.

Here’s what happened: a tip to the Wakefield State Police Post in Saturday night led police to in an Ironwood home.

Surveillance of the residence led to a traffic stop for vehicle equipment violations.

Prescription medications were seized during the traffic stop, and two of the men were arrested on drug and weapons violations.

A search warrant on the home allowed authorities to find additional narcotics and evidence of drug activity.

The other two men in the house were arrested on drug charges.

State troopers and Ironwood Public Safety are still investigating this case, and they say warrants for other suspects is likely.