U.P. Builders Show

We’ve heard sporadic news recently that the economy may be recovering.

But a vendor we spoke with at the U.P. Builders Show says he doesn’t see it.

The show started tonight, and Friday is traditionally its busiest day.

Hundreds of people make their way into the Superior Dome after getting out of work.

One vendor says at least for him, retail business is still looking grim.

And unrest in the Middle East isn’t helping.

Steve Anderson of Household Appliance and Bedding says business has been very slow recently, saying he thinks potential customers are scared off by rising fuel prices and food prices.

Anderson says the companies that manufacture appliances and other construction–related products recognize that as well.

So they’re becoming more aggressive.

He says there are new rebates coming out for the products all the time that weren’t there a few years back because the companies know it’s getting harder and harder to get people to buy.

The show closed for the night tonight at 9.

The doors are open from 10 to 8 tomorrow, and from 11 to 5 on Sunday.