Blueberry Ridge Warming House

Local cross–country ski enthusiasts are asking for Marquette County’s support for improvements at Blueberry Ridge.

Area skiers have a proposal for a warming house at the trailhead in Sands Township.

They showed the plans to the Marquette County Board last night.

The house would be similar to one at Valley Spur in Munising.

The DNRE owns blueberry ridge.

Debbie Muskovitch, one of the skiers behind the proposal, says Lansing has expressed an interest in leasing some land at Blueberry Ridge for a nominal amount so that a warming house could be built there.

She says either Marquette County’s or Sands Township’s name would have to be on the lease but which one it should be hasn’t been worked out yet.

They would seek funding from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and other sources.

Valley Spur has seen a big jump in not only skiers, but also financial support, since a warming house was built there.

Pam Fjeldheim, another ski enthusiast behind the project, says she constantly hears from skiers about how useful a warming house would be for Blueberry Ridge.

Muskovitch and Fjeldheim are also asking the Marquette County Planning Commission for a vote of support tonight.

They want to secure the lease this year and begin fund-raising next year.