Marquette Fire Dept. Grant

The Marquette Fire Department is about to receive financial help from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

And the money will pay for some badly needed new equipment.

It’s receiving $17,100.

The funds come from the DHS Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

The department was just notified of the grant award last night.

But they already have a use in mind for the money.

Capt. Scott Weymouth says they’ll buy a pair of thermal imaging cameras for the two front-line fire engines that see the most duty in the city.

The thermal imaging camera on one of the front–line engines has been out of service for some time now.

The other camera still works but is 7 years old and is showing a lot of wear.

Capt. Weymouth says with technological improvements since then, the cameras have become not only smaller but more durable.

The money for the Marquette Fire Department is part of nearly $3.5 million coming to Michigan from this round of grants.

8 downstate emergency response organizations received the rest of the money.