U.P. 200 Weekend Wrap-Up

Marquette County is just beginning to calm down from the additional traffic of the U.P. 200.

The musher breakfast that traditionally closes out the weekend took place this morning.

The temperatures were seasonably cold for the races themselves.

But temperatures in the 50s for several days leading up to the races caused some changes.

First, the Jack Pine 30 race on Saturday morning was shortened from 30 miles to 18.

Then the 200 itself ended on Saturday night in Wetmore instead of on Sunday in Marquette.

U.P. Sled Dog Association president Pat Torreano says she and the race board will be looking hard in the coming months at whether or not there’s anything they can do to prepare a little bit for something like this.

The trails from Wetmore to Marquette were mostly gravel.

The melted snow and ice made them too dangerous to run on.

But no one taking part in the event suffered any serious injuries.

Torreano says that’s the bottom line, so although the race weekend was a tough time this year she’s glad it still took place safely.

She says everyone involved with organizing the race is exhausted.

But after a short break, they’ll start planning for the 2012 U.P. 200.

It’ll be February 17th through the 19th.