Ishpeming & Calumet Pamida Changing to Shopko

Local discount shopping is in for a few changes this spring.

The Pamida stores in Ishpeming and Calumet are being converted to Shopko stores.

Dean Williamson is Pamida’s senior vice president for human resources in Omaha, Nebraska.

He tells ABC 10 by phone that the Ishpeming and Calumet Pamida stores will be closing on May 7th.

Both stores will be re–branded into Shopko stores.

The stores should both re–open in early July.

No one will be laid off — employees of both stores will continue to have their same jobs after the switch.

Williamson also says the pharmacies in both stores won’t close at all.

They’ll stop doing business as Pamida pharmacies on May 21st.

And they’ll become Shopko pharmacies on May 23rd.

Sun Capital Partners, a Florida investment firm, owns both Pamida and Shopko.