Facebook Protest Against Logistics of Obama Visit

Although hundreds of NMU stduents were invited to hear the President speak, most weren’t given that opportunity.

A trio of students who weren’t invited put together a Facebook page, voicing their displeasure towards the arrangements.

The Facebook page is titled “We would really like to hear Obama speak”, and that’s exactly the motive behind it.

The page wasn’t intended for protesting the President’s visit.

It was geared more towards voicing their disappointment in how the brief visit was conducted.

Abbegail Hoye and Alex Popovic are two of the co-founders.

They say they love the idea that the President would visit NMU and they’d love to have him back sometime.

They just hope that if that happens, more people are allowed to participate.

The Facebook page has received recognition from others in the area.

More than 5,000 people have registered a vote.

The page will close at midnight tonight.