NMU Students Displeased with Plans for Obama Visit

While the level of excitement about the President’s visit is ramping up today, not everyone is pleased with the arrangements.

4G communication, wireless technology and a limited invitation–only audience at Northern Michigan University have converged: on Facebook.

A trio of students has put together a Facebook page called, “We would really like to hear Obama speak.”

They say their take on the President’s visit is “all in the name” of their page.

They go on to say that their page does not encourage protesting President Obama’s visit or the event.

They say they fully support the President’s interest in NMU and only wish to be allowed to participate.

We’ll hear from them tomorrow night.

And they’re certainly hearing from others on Facebook.

Thousands of people have visited the page.

If you haven’t seen it yet and you want to have a look, you can click here.

Another NMU student tells ABC 10 News Now something similar through our website:

“I am very disappointed with how they are handing President Obama’s visit to Marquette in relation to the students – only offering invitation only tickets.

I feel this event should have been held in the Superior Dome so all of Northern’s students can have the opportunity to see the President and listen to him.

This event is in honor of the students. Without us, Northern’s success would not be what it is.”

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