White House Releases details of Presidential Visit to Marquette

NEW DETAILS: President Obama to Discuss National Wireless Initiative in Marquette, Michigan to Invitation-Only Audience

WASHINGTON—On Thursday, February 10, President Obama will travel to Marquette, Michigan, where local businesses have been able to grow as a result of broadband access, with particular benefit in exporting goods to new markets around the world. In his State of the Union Address, the President called for a National Wireless Initiative to help businesses extend the next generation of wireless coverage to 98 percent of the population. The next generation wireless network in Marquette is an effective demonstration of how the President’s proposal to open up airwaves will spark new innovation, put people back to work, grow the economy and help America win the future.

The President will deliver remarks on the National Wireless Initiative at Northern Michigan University. Public attendance is by invitation only.

Prior to delivering remarks, the President will see a demonstration of how the University’s WiMAX network has enabled distance learning for university and community students and will meet local business owners who have used broadband access to grow their businesses.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a plan for America to out-build the competition to win the future. This plan for a 21st century infrastructure is about rebuilding our roads, rails and runways, but it is also about attracting new businesses to our shores and having the resources to ship American goods, products and ideas anywhere in the world. In order to do that, America must have the most reliable ways to move people, goods and information-from roads and airports to high-speed rail and high-speed internet.

ABC 10 News will bring you arrival-to-departure coverage of the President’s visit Thursday. Additionally, more about the WiMAX technology and community reaction to the President’s visit will be available on ABC 10 all this week. Tune in to ABC 10 News Now at 5:30 p.m.with Cynthia Thompson and at 11 p.m. with Kristina Kuestner.