Health Dept. Orders Bath Salts Pulled

About a week ago, ABC 10 News Now brought you the first of what may turn out to be many reports on the danger of a new substance abuse issue in the U.P.

It’s a toxic product that claims to be bath salts.

And now, the Marquette County Health Department has issued an emergency order under the authority of Michigan’s public health code to remove these products from area shelves.

People are using bath salts in a number of ways, all of which are dangerous.

The salts contain strong stimulants that can cause paranoid delusions if they’re injected or snorted.

The stimulant can also cause increased heart rate, chest pains, dizziness, delusions, panic attacks, nose bleeding and nausea.

Marquette Police Det. Capt. Gordon Warchock says that nationwide, the use of these bath salts have been involved in homicides and suicides.

Fred Benzie of the Health Department says this action is intended to prevent any further harm to users or others in the community.

The “bath salt” products are being sold locally and over the internet with names such as White Rush, Cloud 9 and White Dove.

On Friday night, Marquette Police pulled the bath salt products off the shelves of a local store.