NMU, Marquette Schools Reopen

It’s back to the business of education in Marquette today.

Northern Michigan University, and area schools, were open once again.

Authorities say there’s no evidence that the anonymous blog post that threatened a shooting incident originated locally.

Several other colleges around the country have received similar threats recently.

But there’s no word on which schools those are or where they are.

There was also a person of interest that investigators were focusing on.

But now NMU Public Safety director Mike Bath says that person has been cleared by the FBI of any involvement.

The investigation is still active, and Bath says Public Safety will assist if federal agents ask them to.

NMU President Dr. Les Wong says Governor Rick Snyder spoke with him on the phone yesterday and pledged any state resources the campus may have needed.

But the extra help wasn’t needed.

Bath and Dr. Wong both say they themselves will need a little time to feel like things are completely back to normal, so they think there’s nothing wrong at all if students and staff also feel a bit jittery.

Public Safety will maintain some extra patrols for now – as a precaution.