Prevalence of Social Media

The first announcement to the students at NMU about a threat came this morning via text messaging.

Students were also notified through email and the school website.

But the students quickly turned to each other and to social media for constant updates.

And this is no surprise to those in the computer industry.

Jason Francisco and Jeff Nemacheck of Compudyne in Marquette say they’re amazed at how quickly technology advances.

They say where 10-15 years ago it would have taken years for new technology applications to catch on, it now only taken them a few months.

They’ve seen more social networking in every facet of life, where now texting and social networking sites are a daily routine for many to the point where many of us have a hard time remembering a time when they didn’t exist.

And, in light of the situation today, texting may be a very important safety tool.

We’ll have more about that issue tomorrow night on ABC 10 News Now.