NMU Campus Shut Down by Shooting Threat

The Northern Michigan University campus is closed tonight because of what school officials believe was a serious threat of a campus shooting.

The students were notified this morning about the emergency situation in a number of ways.

Northern’s cable access channel and website both ran the information all day.

The threat allegedly said that at 10 this morning, there would be a shooting incident that would have a higher body count than the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007.

Students were also notified through text messages.

Tonight, students can get into and out of their dorms as long as they show their ID cards.

It started around 8 this morning, northern michigan university was notified of the suspicious post on a blog website targeted towards the university.

Law enforcement determined it was a serious enough threat to issue an emergency response protocol and sent out a warning through text messaging alerts, computer margins, campus emails and the university website.

The campus was closed for the day.

Law enforcement is speaking to a couple of individuals within Marquette County — some are students, others are not.

Rumors also were swirling for much of the day of a hostage situation at Cohodas Hall.

But Public Safety says no such thing ever happened anywhere on campus.

They also say the blog is still up and running, but the post has been removed.

NMU has also canceled classes for tonight.

Officials aren’t sure if the campus will be open at 8am tomorrow or at a later time.