Marquette Schools Evacuated

But NMU wasn’t the only education institution to shut down.

The Marquette Area Public Schools followed suit.

City police told them about the threat this morning.

After hearing that NMU shut completely down, they decided to do the same.

The high school is only about a block from the fringes of the NMU campus.

Interim superintendent Debbie Veiht says with that proximity so close, if there had been a shooter it would not have been a stretch for the shooter to continue a rampage at another school.

So after consulting school board president Tony Retaskie, they decided to evacuate the schools.

Michigan public schools have to run lockdown drills at least twice a year.

Debbie Veiht says the drills helped a lot.

The threats did not include any of the marquette schools.

There’s no word yet on whether they will be open tomorrow.

Veiht is expected to make that decision sometime tonight.