Identifying Stolen Property

Another serious issue for law enforcement is a residential break-in.

Home invasions can be extremely upsetting for homeowners.

But there’s one way you can increase your chances of retrieving your stolen property.

Ishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne says hundreds of stolens items are brought in to the station year after year without a lead to who the owner is.

And the process to return the property is long for the police and for the court system.

Trooper Keel Stine of the Negaunee State Police Post says by simply marking your personal property, including electronic items that are generally targeted in home invasions, the chances are better of retrieving your property.

Trooper Stine says the State Police have hundreds of stolen, unclaimed items that are eventually sent to Lansing for disposal.

Chief Bjorne says TVs, DVD players, tools, and hunting or fishing equipment are generally the items most commonly stolen from a household.