New Synthetic Drug

A new drug is keeping local law enforcement on their toes.

It’s similar to speed but it’s being disguised as bath salts.

The bath salts are commonly known as “white cloud” or “white rush” and are legally sold online and in local stores.

The substance containing MDPV is snorted, smoked or swallowed.

Side effects include increased heart rate, hallucinations, severe paranoia and seizures.

Marquette County has already experienced a few cases with the bath salts.

Ishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne and Michigan State Police Trooper Bill Luebs from the Negaunee Post say because bath salts are legal, there’s no age requirement to buy them.

They’re asking parents to be aware of the new substance and to talk to their kids about the drug and its side effects.

Bath salts have been an issue in Europe for years, particularly in the U.K.

But the substance has only become a problem in the U.S. very recently.

Just this past week, Florida filed an emergency rule banning bath salts from store shelves.

If the issue becomes a bigger problem for Michigan, new state legislation may follow suit.

Police in Houghton are saying the same thing.

These bath salts are a synthetic drug and can do great psychological and physical damage.

Some of the physical symptoms are a rapid heartbeat, an increase in blood pressure, a bloody nose and sweating.

Mental symptoms include euphoria, increases in alertness and awareness as well as increase in wakefulness, anxiety, agitation and the perception of a diminished need for food and sleep.

If all that weren’t enough, these synthetic drugs are highly addictive and are being compared to cocaine and meth.

Authorities are calling this an emerging problem.

And they’re asking that you contact your local law enforcement agency if you should have any concerns or questions.