Marquette Medical Marijuana

In November 2008, Michigan voters approved the Medical Marijuana Act.

Only patients and caregivers can possess 2 and a half ounces of dried usable medicine.

At its meeting last night, the Marquette City Comission agreed to look further into the possibility of dispensaries in the area,

The commission also discussed the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana.

The commission decided to look into the idea of a city ordinance that would allow a reduced penalty for possession.

Although individuals can expunge their record after a certain amount of time, some commissioners said past marijuana convictions are showing up on people’s records anyway.

There were others who disagreed with the idea of lighter penalties, saying it should be kept as a state law rather than a community issue.

The City Commission agreed that more discussion needed to take place on both sides of the argument, and on the issue of dispensaries within city limits.