US-2 & 41 Speed Limit Boost

Next Wednesday, the speed limit on one of the U.P.’s main stretches of highway is going up.

It’s the portion of US–2 and 41 between Rapid River and Gladstone.

Recent speed studies have shown 85% of traffic in that area is already going faster than the posted limit, 55.

And the design of the highway could also handle higher speeds than that.

So the limit is being raised to 65.

What does it take to raise a speed limit?

MDOT traffic & safety engineer Aaron Johnson says it can be initiated by either the public asking for a speed study on a specific area of road, or through MDOT itself periodically reviewing its own studies.

There are no talks right now about similar changes on US–41 or M–28 through the northern u–p anytime soon.

The Michigan State Police would have to be involved in the effort along with MDOT.

Sgt. John Bruno of the State Police Traffic Services Division says changes for the northern U.P. are possible.

But not enough residents have asked for a joint study for US–41 and M–28.