Sawyer Airport Sees Traffic Spike

Sawyer International Airport’s passenger traffic is looking up.

The news is more positive than airport officials expected when we spoke with them earlier this month.

In 2010, a total of 114,295 passengers flew into or out of the airport.

It’s an increase of more than 7,300 passengers from 2009, which adds up to an increase of nearly 7%.

Airport manager Keith Kaspari says going to 100% jet aircraft may have been a factor.

That’ll expand in April with daily flights to Minneapolis.

Another issue at Sawyer is maintenance and upgrade of the facility.

Kaspari says that’s a constant concern.

Recent grants paid for substantial improvements to the runway lighting, and other grant funds will be used to pay for the recently completed toilet room addition at the terminal.

And another improvement at the airport: the installation of two unisex restrooms within the secured area at the gate.