City Commission Reaction to Kennecott

There’s no word on how much the repairs would cost, or how much time the work would take.

Kennecott says the project is still in the very early planning stages.

And they want to have the community dialogue they were talking about once the plans are farther along.

That dialogue will be especially needed in the city of Marquette.

The new plans would send the mine’s truck traffic along the city’s truck route.

Marquette city commissioner John DePetro says he was taken aback this morning when he heard about it.

He lives two blocks from the proposed route.

DePetro says he expects to hear from neighbors about the expected noise.

And he says the trucks won’t only affect people’s homes.

DePetro says school buses make a lot of stops on Wright Street and he’s worried about the kids’ safety with the presence of the trucks.

Besides most of the communities in Marquette County, Kennecott says they also want to work with the county Road Commission, and they’ll also address concerns that private citizens bring to them.