Charges for Fire Service Calls

After you read this next story, you may be a little bit more conscientious while driving.

Due to budget cuts, fire departments nationwide are looking at ways to make ends meet.

And to do that, they’re turning to the people they help.

This trend is growing nationwide, but it’s not new to Marquette Township.

Fire marshal Ron DeMarse says their department has been charging accident fees for almost ten years.

He says it’s an attempt to cover costs — the department will charge for assistance in hazmat cleanup and automobile accidents.

The township has a unique tax flow that differs from other regions, with a very large commercial base but a relatively small residential base.

The department operates on 2.5 mills from taxpayers, and to help supplement costs, the department charges accidents to meet the needs and equipment requirements.

The township fire department does get a few calls from people who are charged for an accident.

Generally, when the department explains why they charge, the caller is understanding.