Tilden Township Recycling

Ishpeming has also closed its recycling center.

And that change created even more change in one of the surrounding townships.

Until New Year’s Eve, Tilden Township residents could use storage sheds on County Road 476 for recyclables.

But the sheds recently filled up and no other location would have been economically feasible.

So the sheds are now padlocked, and they also have ‘sorry; we’re closed’ signs.

Township Supervisor Lori Kulju says Ishpeming’s recycling facility was the only other one that would have been possible for the township to use, given the lack of funds the township has for a recycling program.

There are other area townships with successful recycling programs.

Sands Township started one about 7 months ago, with drop-off bins just outside the township hall.

If you live in Tilden Township, you can still have newspapers recycled.

But you’d have to bring them, bundled up, to Ishpeming Township.

The papers are then taken to L’Anse.