Shoplifting Concerns

With four days to go until Christmas, there are still plenty of people looking for holiday bargains.

But what happens when those gifts come for free?

Shoplifting is a big concern for retailers.

Staff at the Kohl’s store in Marquette township say loss prevention is an issue year–round.

They say they’re not using any extra measures during the holidays

But they say they’re stressing heightened awareness of shoplifting among employees.

Loss prevention at the Marquette Econo Foods store isn’t changing either.

But store officials say the influx of extra customers makes that job a lot harder.

The Marquette Township Best Buy store told us they haven’t had a big issue with shoplifting yet in the little over a month they’ve been open.

Anyone who comes in is watched by cameras, from many different angles.

They say the items most likely to be shoplifted are items out of position in the store from being stocked incorrectly.