Sunday AM Liquor Sales Start on the 19th

Sunday-morning liquor sales will be legal in Michigan starting on the 19th, a week from this Sunday.

The new law will allow sales from 7am to 12 noon.

But it’s still up to cities, townships and villages to decide if they’ll go along.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission is allowing communities the chance to opt out if they choose.

They have to tell the commission ‘no’ to the Sunday-morning sales by next Wednesday.

Marquette City Clerk Dave Bleau says the City Commission will take up the issue when it meets next Monday.

He says city staff are recommending to them that they go along with the change.

Unless a community opts out, anyone with a local liquor license can sell on Sunday mornings if they buy a special state permit.

The permit costs $160, and the Liquor Control Commission says it’ll start issuing the permits late next week.