Kingsford Bank Robber Sentenced

An Iron River woman is going to federal prison until 2023 for robbing a pair of banks.

46–year–old Kimberly Timbrook–Miller robbed the Range Bank branch in Kingsford back in February.

The FBI has said she used a plastic toy gun to steal more than $50,000.

Police arrested her the next day at her sister’s house, which is also in Kingsford.

Timbrook–Miller confessed to not only that robbery, but also another bank robbery in Wabeno, Wisconsin that happened last December.

She will spend 7 years behind bars on a federal firearms charge from the Wisconsin robbery.

Then she’ll serve a 63-month sentence for the Range Bank robbery.

Then she has another 5 years of supervised release.

Timbrook-Miller will also have to pay full restitution for the nearly $70,000 she stole from the two banks.