Marquette Mountain Turns On the Guns

The fact that winter now has us firmly in its grasp may be tough for some of us to face.

But others are excited about the arrival of colder weather.

You can count the staff at Marquette Mountain in that second category.

They’ve just started snowmaking operations for the 2010– 2011 season.

The snow guns came on for the first time this winter yesterday afternoon.

Hill supervisor Chris Zorza says they can run the guns anytime the temperature drops to 29 degrees or below.

They had to shut off the guns this morning because it got too warm.

If mother nature allows it, the lifts will soon be moving.

The hill is primed for a much earlier opening this year than last.

Zorza says he and general manager Vern Barber are planning to open at least a couple of runs Thanksgiving weekend.

A year ago, it didn’t open for the season until december 10th.

Ski Brule in Iron River also has snow on its runs.