Marquette Shopko Gas Station Closes

A local gas station has closed unexpectedly after nearly 40 years in business.

It’s the gas station run by the Marquette Shopko store.

And it was one of the few full-service stations remaining in the area.

We asked the company for permission to speak with employees on camera.

Shopko’s corporate office did not return our calls.

But one store employee tells us off-camera that the closure had to do with the underground fuel tanks.

We’re told that the premium fuel tank had some sort of problem over the summer.

Then a tank for regular fuel malfunctioned recently.

The employee says that, to the company, it was more cost-effective to close the gas station than it was to repair the tanks.

The gas station had been open since 1972.

The closure won’t affect any jobs at Shopko.

Gas station employees have been offered positions inside the store.

There’s now only one full-service station left in Marquette: the Freedom station on Washington Street.

But even they aren’t full-service all the time.

They only provide carside service weekdays from 9 to 6.