Chevy Volt Heading to Dealers, But Not U.P. Dealers

General Motors’ first plug–in electric car is on its way to dealerships across the country.

But the Chevy Volt is not coming to the Upper Peninsula just yet.

The Volt is expected to be available in select markets, including southern Michigan, by the end of the month.

The first Volts in the U.P. will arrive next spring.

They’ve already been sold, and local dealers say they have long waiting lists.

The Volt combines an electric motor with the range and flexibility of a gasoline internal combustion engine.

GM says the Volt is capable of traveling 25 to 50 miles on an electric charge.

Then a gasoline–powered generator kicks in to allow up to 300 more miles on a full tank.

ABC 10 News Now senior reporter Mike Hoey drove a Volt last month.