Photo ID Law for Voting Still in Effect

Predictions have Michigan’s expected voter turnout at just above the 50% mark for tomorrow.

If you go to the polls, there’s an Election Day law that took effect two years ago that you’ll need to follow.

You need to have a photo ID to vote in Michigan.

It can be a Michigan driver’s license or state ID, a U.S. passport or a current tribal, military or student ID card that has a photo.

But if you forget to take any of those, or simply don’t have an ID, you can still vote as long as you’re registered.

Marquette City Clerk Dave Bleau says you have to sign a card that serves as an affidavit that you’re registered.

He says if you sign it, poll workers will use a card reader to compare your signature on the form with the signature you made when you registered to vote.

The deadline for an absentee ballot has passed — it was 4pm today.

If you’ve received one and haven’t returned it yet, you can deliver it to your clerk’s office — or have it delivered for you — until the polls close tomorrow.

Polls will be open from 7am until 8pm.