MI Constitutional Convention on Ballot

One issue on the ballot next Tuesday across the state has to do with convening a constitutional convention.

The issue was the focus of a public policy symposium this afternoon at Northern Michigan University.

Voters will decide next Tuesday whether Michigan should call for a convention next year to rewrite the state’s constitution.

This opportunity comes along on the ballot every 16 years.

If the voters approve the measure, delegates will be elected to the convention early next year.

There are no limits on the delegates.

They can rewrite the entire constitution or parts of it.

The cost of the convention and the work of the delegates would be up to approximately $45 million.

Today’s speaker presented the pros and cons of the Michigan ballot proposal to call for this rewrite.

The presenter, Craig Ruff, is one of the state’s leading public policy experts and commentators.

He’s been speaking across the state about this ballot question and its potential impact on every sector of the state, including business, education, health care and public services.

The current Michigan constitution was adopted in 1963.