Census Work Wraps Up

Hundreds of people in the U.P. have been busy for more than a year working on the 2010 U.S. Census.

And now that work is just about over.

More than 5 months after Census Day, the census office in Ishpeming is winding down.

Some census employees had to use their own snowmobiles, ATVs and horses to do the count.

The manager of the U.P. office is grateful for that dedication.

Today was Vicki Estes Bruff’s last day on the job.

But there are still census employees making follow-up visits to some homes to ask for feedback on how the census employees who initially visited did.

About one in every 700 people will get such a visit before the end of fall.

But we still have a while to go for the census results to come out.

Bruff says President Obama will get the results on December 30th, and he then distributes them to the governors of all 50 states next summer.