ELF Site Bill in Senate Next Week

New information tonight on an old submarine communication post in Humboldt Township that the township is trying to obtain.

The U.S. Navy once had an extremely low frequency post in Humboldt.

It’s known as an ELF station for short.

The Navy used the elf site from 1989 to 2005.

The township is trying to obtain the site through a defense spending bill working its way through the U.S. Senate.

Rep. Bart Stupak says it’s a defense authorization bill for spending on the Navy, and he felt that was a natural place to include the ELF site because of its history.

He expects the Senate to work on the bill shortly after it returns from the Labor Day break.

That’ll happen next Monday.

Humboldt Township started the process of obtaining the elf site after learning that the state of michigan no longer wanted it.

Stupak says the authorization bill wouldn’t give the township money directly to buy the site.

Instead, it would arrange for the ELF property deed to be transferred over.

A federal agency called the general services administration now owns the ELF site.

That group disposes of military property the armed forces no longer need.