Water safety task force approved

After four summer drownings this year off Marquette’s shoreline, the city commission decided to go forward with a safety task force.

The 7 member volunteer group will look into various options on how to create a safer beach front. Including raising awareness on the dangers in the waters and working with emergency preparedness and response. The team will be lead by Marquette Fire Chief Tom Belt.

The task force will meet during the year and submit suggestions to the city commission about various options the city can do to keep the shoreline safe. Along with approving the safety task force, the commission also discussed ways the community could keep the shoreline safe now.

The city’s lifeguard’s season will end after this weekend, and the city decided to keep some staff on duty while the weather is beach– friendly. Along with lifeguards, the city also discussed keeping the flags out longer during the day, starting at 6 A.M. till dusk.

While the city continues to look into other measures to take, the Marquette county board announced that they would be more than willing to help with the effort. In addition to looking into other safety options, the board agreed to create more signs in the area warning beachgoers of the dangers near picnic rocks.